Information for tattoo artists

The second Artistink is at the start and we are glad that you want to be part of it.

What is our intention?
We also want to show your talents this time. Be it your great tattoo styles or anything else you can do. If you're painting, sketching, selling or exhibiting flashes, if you're a sculptor or have other modeling, bring it all. It would be happy if we could exhibit all this for you.

Then it is still the case that environmental protection / our nature is extremely important to us. We want to do something actively with this.
That's why part of your booth rental will go to SeaShepherd. We pay attention to regional catering, do not use plastic cups, try to separate the waste and keep it as small as possible.

Here you will also find 5 hotels, which are located near the exhibition hall.

  • Landhotel Bayerische Alm
    Robert-Koch-Str. 211, 84489 Burghausen

  • Hotel Glöcklhofer
    Ludwigsberg 4, 84489 Burghausen

  • Gartenhotel Salzach
    Hans-Stiglocher-Straße 11, 84489 Burghausen

  • Bayerischer Hof
    Stadtplatz 45/46, 84489 Burghausen

  • DORMERO Hotel Burghausen
    Robert-Koch-Str. 15, 84489 Burghausen

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