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Participation and exhibition conditions for the Artistink in Burghausen


                              Zeitraum Events

                              Friderike Bälder

                              Schaumbergstr. 7

                              84387 Julbach

                              +49 (0) 8571-926831   

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                              +49 (0) 173 - 6944063


Registration for participation can only be made by sending the completed and signed registration form to the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to accept the contract offer. From the application, there is no legal claim to participation.

Admission and acceptance of the contract

The contract is concluded by payment of the participant's invoice, which will be sent to the participant latest two weeks after receipt of the registration. A legal right to conclude a contract does not exist. The organizer reserves the right to choose the participants. A competition exclusion can neither be demanded nor promised.

Stands which are registered in writing can only be canceled up to a maximum of 4 weeks before the event. If you cancel your stand in the 4 weeks before the event or do not show up, you will be charged the full stand fee as a processing fee.

Publication of names

By registering the application, the participant permits the organizer to publish the name of the participant and, if necessary, further data and their storage.

Force majeure and change

Unpredictable events that make it impossible to hold the event as planned and are not the responsibility of the organizer entitle the organizer

  1. to cancel the event before opening. If the event must be canceled or closed due to force majeure or official order, the stand rental must be borne by the participant in full. In other cases, the unavoidable costs are apportioned pro rata to the participants up to a maximum of the agreed stand rental.
  1. to postpone the event.
  1. shorten the event. The stand fee is due and will not be refunded if necessary. A claim for damages regarding the participant is excluded..

Cancellation, relocation and modification of the duration of the event

The organizer is entitled for an important reason to cancel the event or to relocate it locally or temporally or to change its duration. Changes in the room conditions and / or police or regulatory obligations entitle the organizer to move or change the stand space of the participant. This change will then become part of the contract.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel due to non-achievement of the minimum number of participants. Claims for damages remain excluded for both parties. If the organizer is responsible for the cancellation of the event, the participant does not owe the stand fee.

Terms of payment

By sending the confirmation and the contract, the stand rental will be charged. The amount is within the payment period of max. 4 weeks due. If the stand rental is not received in time, the organizer may terminate the contract without notice. The organizer is then released from his duty to perform. The participant owes the entire stand rental. All prices are net plus VAT. This also applies to participants from the European Union and abroad.

Sub-exhibitor, co-exhibitor, transfer of the stand to third parties:

The participant is not entitled to rent the stand assigned to him completely or partially or to a third party without the written permission of the organizer.


The organizer is entitled to extraordinarily cancel the contract,


  1. the participant has given false information, or unreported or
  1. unauthorized goods should be issued,
  1. the participant has not completed the stand construction in time for the beginning, without giving reasons,
  1. the stand rental has not been received in time,
  1. the participant has assigned his rights under the contract to third parties..

The organizer is then released from his duty to perform. The participant owes the entire stand rental.


The participant is prohibited from offering paid entertainment, in particular music reproduction at the stands.

Serving and selling food and beverages

The participant is forbidden to give drinks and food to the visitors neither for free nor for free.

Stand construction and stand dismantling

The participant is obliged to complete the stand construction and stand dismantling in the specified times. The dismantling must be completed at the latest by 20.00 h on the last day of the event. Is not this,

Ist diesem nicht so, kann der Veranstalter den Vertrag kündigen bzw. Schadensersatz verlangen.

Operation of the stand

The participant is obliged to occupy and manage the stand during the given opening hours. If the stand is not occupied during the event, the participant must pay a penalty in the amount of the stand fee, but at least € 600.00. The cleaning of the stand over the entire length of the stand is up to the participant.

Use of the stand

The organizer is entitled to check whether the exhibitor expediently uses the stand provided with regard to the stand size and the specified goods or services. If unspecified goods or services are offered or carried out, the organizer is entitled to terminate the contract without notice and to have the stand vacated at the participant's expense. The participant must ensure compliance with all guidelines and laws applicable to his range of goods or services. If the organizer becomes aware of a violation, the organizer may have the course vacated at the participant's expense.

Authorities, offices

It expressly refers to the legal provisions on combating illicit work, the hygiene regulations and the tax and trade regulations of the Federal Government of the Free State of Bavaria.

The participant is aware that various authorities, such as the youth welfare office, tax office, customs, police, health and public administration, registered and unannounced, as well as recognizable and hidden controls can and will do. All signs of the various motorcycle clubs are prohibited by the police!

The current health regulations of the Munich Health Office will be handed to the participant by the organizer.

Exhibitor passes

Each stand will receive a fixed number of exhibitor passes, which the participant has to carry with them during the course of the event. These are not transferable and can be sold. An infringement results in the immediate exclusion of the participant from the further course of the event. The stand will be vacated at the cost of the participant. Further required passes must be requested from the organizer. The costs for this are € 15.00 / pass.


The general supervision of the site and the halls is the responsibility of the VA without liability for loss and damage. The exhibitor is responsible for the supervision and guarding of the stand, the cars and motorcycles. This applies to the construction and dismantling times, outside the opening hours


The participant is obliged to have a public liability insurance for the event.

Photo, film, sound

Commercial photography and filming on the venue is only permitted to persons authorized by the organizer. The organizer has the right to take photographs and films. The participant assigns all rights to the organizer resulting from photographing and filming his stand, his person, his employees, customers, goods and services. No further consent is required for the use of images, sound and films made by authorized persons during the event.


The organizer assumes no liability for damage and consequential damage to the exhibits, stand equipment, cars and motorcycles. The organizer does not guarantee for a certain success, as well as the profit and turnover expectation of the participant from the event.


Claims of the participant to the organizer become statute-barred after 6 months, beginning after the end of the event, and in particular when the claim has arisen and the participant has become aware of the circumstances giving rise to the claim or could become aware of it without gross negligence.

Fulfillment and jurisdiction

The place of fulfillment and jurisdiction is Munich. It is only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Collateral agreements are only legally binding if they are in writing and have been confirmed by the organizer.

Severability clause

Should any provision of these Terms and Conditions be ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

With my signature (or an authorized signature) on the registration I accept the conditions of participation.

Errors and changes excepted. As of: 01.10.2018

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